Summer session psa

Summertime is upon us in charleston which means a few things good and bad: shorter lines at bamcas shortened hours for bars and liquor stores and bored cops. Now this site isn’t anti police. Theirs is a nessicary office.

And once upon a time this was agreed upon and they were paid as such. Then it was fmdecided that they needed to fund themselves. How?  Well, ever wonder why paraohinalia is legal to buy but illegal to be caught with?  Here’s the kicker it worse legally and financially to be caught with stuff sold by several vendors around town than it is the supposedly life destroying su stance we cheerfully pack into it. But font blame them. That’s how they get by. Thus is how we get by.

Drive safe drive smart. Suppose you’re leaving the bar under the legal intoxication but with enough smell on you to invite a sobriety test. Before you head off from the square give you car a safety check. Pretend you’re the wolf from pulp fiction. Instead of a dead body in the back, you might have an 11 pack. Don’t forget to put any questionables in the trunk: drugs alcohol dildos etc.
Check your lights: brakes licence head and know when your turn signals are blkwn. Normally they will begin to click twice as fast. Bonus points if you keep a spare set in the car. Its dumb yeah but you’ll need them as some point and if you’re pulled over for it and have them on you its a non issue.

So get ready to go out, but remember to be smart and that moderation keeps the party going!


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